Discover the ” Dus Albert-Valsero” T-shirts, Sweatshirts (Hoodies and  accessories to come).

" DA-V "

” Dus Albert-Valsero ” :  (DA-V), is an Exclusive and Limited Edition Collection of T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies; produced in collaboration between the rapper Valsero and Dus Albert Lambertini.

Items are periodically sewn and printed, in different variations (colors) and limited sizes. The pieces are made by our seamstresses, as a part of an artisanal production. The collection is entirely produced in Italy.

Each item is delivered with anautograph and/or a dedication from the artist and the Creative and Artistic Director of Dus Albert.

"Pensez-vous grand!"



DUS ALBERT-Valsero Colors

DA-V Giucy, DA-V BBR, DA-V Bloody, DA-V Prince Soleil, DA-V Dhalia, DA-V Rouge, DA-V Green, DA-V Browndy, DA-V Skily, DA-V Or Vert, DA-V Miss Violet, DA-V Darky, DA-V Barby, DA-V Champagne…

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